About Adept drivers
Become the driver you were meant to be

For Over the past 30 years Learn Drive Education has provided new and experienced drivers with specialized driver’s education and training. The word ADEPT, meaning ‘highly proficient’ and stands for Accurate Drivers’ Education and Professional Training.

The Learn Drive instructors are all very patient, well-trained and highly qualified, and provide top notch service in order to prepare drivers of all ages and new or experienced, for both G1 exit and G2 exit Road Tests. This training is provided according to the Ministry-Approved Beginner Driver’s Education Course Guidelines.

Mission Statement

To offer and promote a safe and comfortable atmosphere to students with top notch in-car and in-class drivers education. Our instructors are professionally trained to serve you with the most reliable drivers education training in the industry.

Vision Statement

Learn Drive Education School strives to not only prepare our students to pass their driving tests, but to also guide them in becoming lifelong knowledgeable drivers.